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NC State, in collaboration with GoTriangle, offers a vanpool service for commuters. Vanpools can be formed with as few as six (6) riders; one of whom is a volunteer driver. To be eligible for Vanpool benefits, participants must have an office on one of our 3 campuses. Employees can apply to receive WolfTrails commuter benefits for the 2018-2019 academic year beginning June 18.

Primary Driver Benefits

  • Rides Free
  • Set number of free monthly van use for personal miles

Vanpooling Advantages

  • $20 monthly subsidy for each rider
  • First 2 months FREE for new riders
  • 24 FREE daily permits per NCSU passenger (prorated)
  • GoTriangle vans park free on campus
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces wear & tear on personal vehicles
  • Relaxing, fun ride to work
  • Emergency Ride Home assistance


For more information visit the GoTriangle Vanpooling Website or call 919-485-7461.

Current Vanpools serving NCSU

Current vanpools serving NCSU staff are listed below. Please contact the van driver for more information about van route, pickup locations, fare and available seats. You can also sign up for a vanpool online.

Vanpool Contact List
Origin Time Van Arrives at NCSU Time Van Departs NCSU Driver Phone Number
Angier 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Carina Lockley 919-515-4280


Special notes for vanpoolers All vanpool applicants will also be cross-checked for existing permits. Vanpool participants cannot be registered in a carpool. Vanpool participants choosing to retain their existing permit will not be issued daily parking permits. To be eligible for Vanpool benefits, participants must have an office on one of our 3 campuses.

GoTriangle Vanpool

There may be other existing vanpools with available seats that serve near-campus areas. For a complete list, visit the GoTriangle vanpool website.

Online Rideshare Matching


If you would like to find other individuals in your area who are interested in vanpooling complete the Rideshare Match Form.

Go Perks

Explore Go Perks from North Carolina's Statewide Ride Matching Program

Emergency Ride Home

For commuting employees using alternative transportation