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Bicycling on an Urban Campus

Bicycling is a great way to travel - it's healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly! However, because NC State is an urban campus and most of the routes are on-road, cyclists need to prepare and plan for the optimum, safe cycling experience. Make sure your bicycle is safe and adjusted correctly for the maximum amount of control, and know your skill and comfort level operating a bicycle on different facilities (off-road, on-road, multi-use paths).

Bike Registration

Bicycle registration is free & mandatory. You must register your bike annually. Click the link below, log in to your online account and register for your bicycle permit. Registering your bicycle gives you the following advantages:

  • We can easily contact you if your bike is stolen and recovered.
  • Deters potential thieves.
  • Helps us to better plan NCSU bicycle facilities.

Campus Police can also engrave your driver's license on your bike at no charge.

Theft Prevention

Bicycles should always be locked when not in use or under close watch of the owner. We recommend a sturdy U-lock, which can be purchased at the campus bookstore. When securing your bike with the U-lock, be sure to lock the front wheel and the frame of the bike to the bike rack.

To avoid having bicycle parts such as seats and wheels stolen, it is recommended that quick release levers be changed out for more permanent bolts in order to deter theft.

U-Bolt Discounts available at some local bike shops:

10% off U-Bolt locks with an NCSU student ID at All-Star Bikes (in the Whole Foods Shopping Center by Wade Ave. and Ridge Rd.)

Report It: If your bicycle is stolen, report it immediately to the Campus Police: 919-515-3000.




Bicycle Maps in PDF

PDF files are poster-size and large in data size and require broadband connection to download quickly. Raleigh and Greenway PDF maps are provided by other Raleigh websites. Low Vision? Call Transportation: 919-515-3424 for assistance.

Connecting Raleigh's Greenways & Park System

The RGreenway application is designed to make the 3800 acre, 115 mile Raleigh Greenway system function as an integrated park.
Track your workout, check in on Foursquare & find the best spots in the city to relax outside.

Campus Bike Route
Main to Centennial Campus

From Talley Student Center
LEFT - Cates Ave.
RIGHT - Morrill Drive
LEFT - Western Blvd.
RIGHT - Greenway Trail
RIGHT - Nazareth St.
LEFT - Centennial Pkwy
RIGHT - Greenway paralleling Cent. Pkwy
RIGHT - Oval Drive

From Talley Student Center
LEFT - Cates Ave.
LEFT - Cates Ave.
RIGHT - Pullen Rd.
CROSS - Western Blvd.
RIGHT - Greenway Trail
CONTINUE - To Crusader Dr.
LEFT - Nazareth St.
LEFT - Centennial Pkwy
RIGHT - Greenway paralleling Cent. Pkwy
RIGHT - Oval Drive

For more detailed directions:

Bike Safety

Know your skills - Know the law

  • Be SMART

clothing lockers in Engineering building

Showers & Clothing Lockers

Showers and clothing lockers are available to members of Carmichael Gym. For more information, visit University Recreation.

Twelve clothing lockers are available for rent in the Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus.

Price includes a $5 refundable lock deposit
$20 per semester or $35 per full academic year
$10 per summer semester

Bike Locker Box

Bike Locker Rentals

Four bike lockers are available for rent on campus. Bike lockers offer covered, secure storage for a bicycle and accessories.

Two units are in the Brooks Lot (Locker # 1 and # 2), near the Hillsborough St. / Brooks Hall transit stop.

Two units are available in the service lot on the west side of Nelson Hall (Locker # 3 and # 4).