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Student Carpooling

Students are eligible for a carpool permit; it takes at least two commuter students to form a carpool. All registered carpool participants must show proof of vehicle registration.

Apply online beginning July 9

Student carpool applications for the 2013-2014 academic year may be submitted beginning July 9, 2013. To apply, submit your electronic application. Transportation needs to receive your application by August 14 to allow processing time so you have your carpool permit for start of fall classes. Once we receive your electronic application, we'll be in touch to arrange for permit pickup.

Carpool Permits are valid in decks across all three campuses (Main, Centennial, and Centennial Biomedical).

Student Carpool Policies:

  • A minimum of two (2) commuter students must make up a Student Carpool. Students can apply online (see bulleted option in the top right corner), however both students must come to the Transportation Office together to complete the necessary paperwork and exchange any individual permits for a joint CP permit (if applicable).
  • Students residing in University Towers, Valentine Commons and College Inn are not eligible to participate in the program.
  • Permit allows parking in the Coliseum (CD), Dan Allen (DD), West Deck (W) Partners Way, MRC, Toxicology and CBC Decks (CC), as well as "P" (perimeter lots) and V (Varsity Lot). There are no designated carpool parking spaces in these facilities.
  • Individual permits can be traded for carpool permits at any point in the academic year.
  • Each carpool is issued one permit which is shared; additionally, each carpool member is issued 4 daily (scratch-off) permits per rider for the academic year (Aug. - Aug.) to use during times when schedules conflict. Please note that the number of daily permits allocated to carpool members are prorated; i.e., carpools formed later in the Academic Year receive fewer daily permits.
  • Daily permits are not to be sold, traded, gifted or otherwise offered to an unauthorized user.
  • Each student carpool will need a primary and secondary permit holder. The primary holder is Transportation's point of contact and is the student responsible for ANY fines or citations issued.
  • Permit cost is the cost of a parking deck permit and prorated at the same rate.
  • If the carpool doesn't work out during Fall or Spring semesters, the carpool permit must be returned to Transportation by the Friday prior to Spring Break in order to receive a prorated refund; carpool members are eligible to re-purchase the same permit they had prior to forming the carpool.

Transportation reserves the right to cancel the
at the end of any academic year.

Need help forming a student carpool?
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