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Wolfline - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Service Questions

Information Questions

Q: How can I receive up to date info on detours for the Wolfline?

The quickest way to get up-to-the minute information is to check out TVS website (shows real-time location of buses), Text, or Mobile. When there is a change in service we also post up-to-date information on our Web site, under the "News and Announcements" and Wolfline Facebook page - NCSU Wolfline, and the Wolfline listserv Join now.

Q: Does the Wolfline offer transportation to NC State Athletic Events?

Route 6 Carter Finley travels to Carter-Finley Stadium every 15 minutes during peak times and approximately every 30 minutes until 10 p.m. on days when school and exams are in session.

Red Terror Transit provides service to and from home football (3 hrs. prior to Kickoff) and basketball games (2 hrs. prior to Tipoff). Buses run continuously (approx. every 30 minutes) shuttling back and forth between campuses UNTIL 1 hr. after the game starts. Service resumes after game ends and runs for 90 minutes. Schedules are updated and posted on the main Wolfline page and Wolfline's Facebook page.

Q: Can Wolfline buses be chartered for events?

For details regarding chartering Wolfline vehicles for University-affiliated events, please contact the service provider, First Transit, at 919-861-6960, Ext. 21, or ask for the charter manager.

Q: How can I figure out when the bus comes to my stop?

The bus route timetables (fall-spring ) are on our Web site and can be downloaded (updated each semester).

Take a look at a timetable. You'll see that space does not permit the listing of departure times for every stop on the timetable. The timetable picks 3 - 5 bus stops on each route, and lists bus departure times for each of these stops. These bus stops named on the timetables are called time points. They are shown with a Wolfpack red with a black insert circle on the route maps. The rest of the bus stops are shown with a solid red circle on the route maps.

To find out when the bus leaves from your particular stop, look at the map and note the two closest time points on either side of your bus stop. Note the departure time listed for these time points. Then estimate when the bus will get to your stop, based on where your stop is located between those two time points.

You can also use the Transit Visualization System™ (TVS) to see the location of your bus in "real time"! You can use the slide on the right side of the page to zoom in and out on the map. To move the map across the page, just click, hold, and drag it right, left, up, or down.

People with low vision or blindness can call NCSU Transportation at 919-515-3424 for assistance in utilitizing the transit visualization system (TVS) which provides real-time bus locations along all Wolfline routes.

Q: Who can ride the Wolfline?

Wolfline is open to the public.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the bus service?

We attempt to offer the best possible service for the lowest cost. We constantly strive to improve service and your feedback is a very important. Please share service concerns or suggestions for improvements. Provide Feedback via e-mail, call 919-515-WOLF to leave a message or speak directly to the Wolfline transit manager at 919-513-7400.

Q: Do you really take my complaints seriously?

We take your complaints and suggestions very seriously and take pride in providing safe and efficient service. We investigate all comments and complaints and make adjustments in service where possible. Expect a response within 48 hours of your call or e-mail.

Q: Why doesn't the Wolfline come to my apartment complex when it's so close to campus?

The student transit fee pays for the majority of service, although other funding sources also contribute. Wolfline provides:

  1. Transportation around Main Campus with a connection to Cameron Village
  2. Transportation to and from free park & ride lots
  3. Transportation to and from official University Housing (such as Avent Ferry Complex or E.S. King Village)
  4. Transportation to and from outlying campuses like Centennial Biomedical Campus and Centennial Campus
  5. Transportation for the general public living in privately-owned housing located along city streets traveled by Wolfline buses connecting the areas listed above
  6. Shuttle service around Centennial Campus and a few neighborhoods along the loop route.

Unless privately-owned apartments are located on the way to or from these areas, city or regional service may be your transit option. GoPass allows students, faculty and staff to ride city and regional bus service fare-free.

Q: Can another bus be added to my route to cut down on full buses?

A full bus is defined as one which is at maximum capicity including standing room only. The average 40' bus has a passenger capacity of approximately 65 passengers and a 30' bus has a capacity of approximately 45 passengers. If our ridership analysis identifies an ongoing, documented overcrowding issue, we may add an additional bus during the time period when overcrowding occurs.

We attempt to adjust or shift service resources, rather then add vehicles. But, if enrollment statistics or our passenger counts indicate a problem that minor adjustments will not fix, we request an increase in the student transit fee and do what's necessary in order to ensure service quality.

Q: How do I pursue a change in the Wolfline service?

Call 919-515-WOLF, or e-mail. The Student Senate votes on major changes or additions to our service, so we encourge students to communicate and advocate needs to their student senator.

Q: What if I miss the bus?

Please plan ahead during peak service times; catch an earlier bus rather than cut it too close. We do experience full buses during peak class times. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the all Wolfline routes - often catching a bus from another route is an option. For example, Rt. 2 and Rt. 7 serve the Wolf Village area. If you miss the bus while on campus property and feel unsafe for any reason, you may call Campus Police 919-513-0000 and request a Safety Escort.

Q: Does the Wolfline run on the weekends?

Yes, Saturday daytime service connects D.H. Hill Library and Hunt Library from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. The bus travel the same route as the regular Rt. 8 Southeast Loop. Night/weekend service operates evenings beginning at approximately 6 p.m. except around student holidays or break periods. A SundayHoliday Break shuttle provides service from Centennial Campus storage lots to campus residence halls on the evening before classes resume (8 p.m. - Midnight continuous loop).

Most routes operate until approximately 10 p.m. on days classes are in session. However, after 6 p.m., buses still continue to serve the same georgraphic area, but less frequently. It's always a good idea to check specific schedules.

  1. Route 3 Engineering, Route 6 Carter Finley and Route 7 Wolflink Shuttle operate every day that staff and faculty report to work.
  2. There are three late-night routes that operate every day that classes or exams are in session beginning at 10 p.m.. Check timetables for exact times.

Q: Can I get off the bus somewhere other than a posted stop?

No. To ensure the safety of riders, pedestrians and automobile drivers, the buses can only stop at posted stops. It is especially dangerous to run after and attempt to flag down a bus that has left a stop and is merging with other traffic. Stopping at a non-posted stop also increases the travel time and the likelihood that the bus cannot maintain its posted schedule.

Q: What accessibility features do the buses offer?

All Wolfline buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts; 40' buses have the ability to "kneel;" level with pavement/curb.

Q: Are there any mandatory stops (don't need to signal driver)?

Yes, there are mandatory stops/timepoints identifed on the schedule. But it's always a good idea to signal the driver for the bus to make a stop. To signal the driver, pull the cord located above the seat of the bus to activate "Stop Requested." In the event of a malfunctioning cord, ask the driver "Next stop please."

Q: May I choose where to exit the bus (i.e. the front or rear)?

For safety considerations and to speed up the loading/unloading process, we ask that you exit through the rear door. Your driver may ask you to exit out a particular door occasionally due to a mechanical problem, or a safety concern outside the vehicle. If this occurs, please cooperate with your bus driver.

Q: What do I do if I left something on the bus?

Call 919-861-6960, Option 1 which is the number of our bus service provider, First Transit. They will do their best to locate your lost item.

Q: How much does it cost to run the Wolfline?

The current budget for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters is over 6M (includes GoPass costs). NCSU staff salaries, Wolfline signage and Wolfline amenities, such as bus shelters and benches are allocated from the NCSU Transportation budget and are not funded by the student transit fee.

Q: Can my group charter a Wolfline bus?

Yes. Depending upon availability, Wolfline buses can be chartered for University-affiliated events. NCSU contracts out the actual operation of the buses to a national transit service provider company. Currently our transit service provider is First Transit. Call 919-861-6960 and ask for the Group Charter Manager.

Q: How can I get a part-time job with the Wolfline?

When you work for Wolfline, you work for the national transit service provider company hired by the University to operate Wolfline. Call First Transit directly at 919-861-6960.

Q: What are Wolfline's plans for the future?

  • Working with city and regional public transit service in the region to provide the campus community with more transit options
  • Expansion of services as the University expands
  • Additional benches and shelters
  • Continual ridership analysis to optimize service and meet service demand

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For more information on transit on campus, contact:
Wolfline Manager (e-mail)
or Call 515-WOLF