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Dan Allen Drive Vehicle Impacts/FAQ's

Why do we need to gate Dan Allen Drive?

Anyone who has ever driven, ridden a bus, walked or bicycled on Dan Allen Drive knows traffic and gridlock is a logistical and safety nightmare (and has been that way for at least 20 years). The 900-bed Valentine Commons student housing project generates even more pedestrians attempting to cross the Dan Allen Drive “gauntlet.” The University must do all it can to ensure safety and help Wolfline buses run on schedule. View the Campus Mobility Plan for more information.

Where is the gate being installed on Dan Allen Drive? View map
The gate is scheduled for October installation in the vicinity of the railroad tracks.

How many bus routes travel Dan Allen Drive?
Six Wolfline routes currently travel the Dan Allen Corridor (including three of the highest ridership routes!)

What’s Wolfline’s on-time performance?
The Wolfline service contract requires buses to achieve a 90 percent on-time performance. With buses gridlocked on Dan Allen Drive, it's impossible meet this standard (six routes travel Dan Allen Drive). Currently, Wolfline stands at 60 - 70 percent on-time performance (varies by route and time of day). NCSU Transportation feels that’s not good enough for our riders – we know we can do better.

What hours/days of the week does the Dan Allen Gate operate?
Gate access is from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The gate will be OPEN ALL OTHER TIMES including nights and weekends.

Who is going to have gate access?
Transit vehicles, University vehicles with (SV) or (UV) permits and emergency vehicles will have access during hours of gate operation.
No other through (north/south) traffic on Dan Allen Drive during these hours.

How am I going to get to the Dan Allen Deck during times the gate is down?
Friendly Drive has been extended and connects from Hillsborough Street to Yarbrough Drive. New deck paylot and permit entrances/exits can be accessed from the west side of the Dan Allen Parking Deck (Valentine Commons side of the deck).

Traveling Northbound?
If you’re traveling northbound (toward Hillsborough Street) to access the Dan Allen Deck during weekday hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., use Pullen Road or Gorman Street to Hillsborough Street.

How will I know when the gate installation happens?

Pay attention to road signs. Check Transportation’s website for updates, read information from Student Government (posts on Wolfpack Students), read The Technician, join the Staffparking listserv.. If you park in the permitted area of the Dan Allen Deck, (have a permit), you will receive an email from Transportation – please be sure to check your University email.

News articles about the Dan Allen Gate Closure.

Email Christine Klein, Public Communication Specialist or call 919-515-3424.