Event Parking

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Events, camps and conferences are an integral part of the campus environment and need advance planning with the Transportation office. Parking is limited to specific areas based on space availability, the time of year, other events, construction projects, camp or conference location, type of activity, number of attendees, and other factors. A minimum of two weeks notice is required.

EVENT REQUEST- What steps do I take in order to obtain parking and services for a deparmental event?

  1. Begin your parking permit and traffic arrangements as soon as you begin planning the event.
  2. Submit the online form to request event parking.
  3. Contact Parking Services, Shannon Zucker.

Event Request Form

How far in advance do I need to request assistance with one or more large vehicles, buses, or equipment?

You must notify the Transportation office at least 10 business days in advance.
Contact Parking Events Services, Shannon Zucker.

What other permits or parking arrangements will I need when setting up the event?

Loading and unloading may be arranged for short durations close to the site. Vehicles will be required to move to the appropriate parking location upon completion of the loading or unloading of materials.

Contact Parking Events Services, Shannon Zucker.

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