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Appeals FAQ

Appeals Questions:

Q: Does it cost to dispute a ticket?

No, you do not need to pay your ticket before your initial appeal..

Q: How do I dispute a ticket?

All appeals are filed online.

Q: I disagree with the initial decision I received when I disputed the ticket. Is there another step to the appeal process?

  • Pay your ticket in full before appealing to the Appeals Hearing Board.
  • File online - check "Request a Board Hearing."
  • Must file within the 14-day period from the date of your appeal letter received from Transportation. (See Appeals Hearing Board Procedures).
  • State why you disagree with the decision and request an Appeal Board Hearing.

Q: Can I appeal a ticket that was reduced?

Yes. It will be heard by the Appeals Board for the original cost of the ticket.
Example: If your ticket was $40 and it was reduced to $25, the Appeals Board will review it for $40. If the decision of the Board is not in your favor, you must pay the original fine amount.

Q: I never saw the ticket; what can I do?

Eiither appeal or pay the ticket. If time elapsed is beyond the 14-day appeal deadline, contact directly.

Q: Someone else drove my car, am I still responsible for the ticket?

Yes, it's your vehicle and your permit; you are responsible.

Q: Are the Appeals Hearing Board members Transportation staff?

No, members are nominated annually from the Faculty, Staff and Student Senate.

Q: Why didn't I get a warning?

Warning tickets are only issued for:

  • no permit
  • parking outside authorized zone
  • encroaching into another parking space

One warning per academic year (including owners with multiple vehicles registered with NCSU Transportation).

Q: How can I offer feedback to Transportation?

Questions, concerns or suggestions? Contact, Debbie Beach, Appeals Officer,

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