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Appeals FAQ

Appeals Questions:

Q: Does it cost to contest a ticket?

No, you do not need to pay your ticket before your initial appeal..

Q: How do I contest a ticket?

All appeals are filed online within 14 calendar days from date of citation. Complete and submit the Appeal Form; make sure you submit any supporting documentation, i.e., diagrams, permits, etc., including your first and last name and citation number to the Transportation Office.

Q: I disagree with the initial decision I received when I contested the ticket. Is there another step to the appeal process?

If you disagree with decision of your appeal and want to go to the next step in the Appeals process, file online (check "Request a Board Hearing" within the 14-day period from the date of your appeal letter received from Transportation. (See Appeals Hearing Board Procedures). Clearly state why you disagree with the decision and request that your case be heard by a board of your peers. (Be sure you have also submitted any supporting documentation, statements, pictures, etc.) Remember, you must pay your ticket in full before appealing to the Appeals Hearing Board.

Q: Can I appeal a ticket that was reduced?

Yes, however, if you choose to appeal a reduced ticket it will be heard by the Appeals Board for the original cost of the ticket. Example: If your ticket was $40 and it was reduced to $25, the Appeals Board will review it for $40 and if the decision of the Board is not in your favor, you must pay the original fine amount.

Q: I never saw the ticket, what can I do?

Eiither appeal or pay the ticket. If time elapsed is beyond the 14-day appeal deadline, directly.

Q: Someone else drove my car, am I still responsible for the ticket?

Yes, it's your vehicle and your permit; you are responsible.

Q: Are the Appeals Hearing Board members Transportation staff?

No, members are nominated annually from the Faculty, Staff and Student Senate.

Q: Why didn't I get a warning?

Warning tickets are only issued for:

  • no permit
  • parking outside authorized zone
  • encroaching into another parking space

One warning per academic year (including owners with multiple vehicles registered with NCSU Transportation).

Q: How can I offer feedback to Transportation?

Questions, concerns or suggestions? Contact, Debbie Beach, Appeals Officer,

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