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Enforcement/Appeals Information

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Appeals Board Hearing Process

What If My Appeal Is Denied?

Appeal denied? To request a hearing before the Board, the request must be filed within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the initial appeal decision e-mail/letter.

Citation amounts must be paid, in full, before requesting a Board Hearing. Incomplete, late or unpaid requests will not be reviewed nor responded to.

File Board Hearing Request Online
Complete the online Appeal form; check the box "Reguest a Board Hearing." Appellants will be notified of hearing date, time and location (usually one week in advance). Attendance is encouraged, but is not mandatory. Appeals Board Hearing decisions are final.

Jury Of Your Peers
The Appeals Board consists of students, faculty, and staff members. Transportation presents information, but does not vote on the outcome.

Student members are appointed by the Student Senate President. Faculty/staff members of the Board are nominated by the Faculty Senate Chair and Staff Senate Chair. The nominees are reviewed and appointed by the NC State Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business.

What Cannot be Appealed?

The following violations/citations cannot be presented to the Board:

Overtime Parking
Failure to Pay
No Permit Violation - if you have at least two prior citations and/or warnings for "No Permit."
Repeat Violations - cannot appeal any violation if you have received two previous citations and/or warning for same offense.
Parking in a Fire Lane - if you do not have documented evidence of an emergency situation, i.e., medical, life threatening.