Employee Parking

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How to Apply for an Employee Parking Permit

What do I do for a parking permit until I get my permanent permit?

The Onboarding Center will email the New Employee a link to their New Hire Checklist. Through the checklist they can request their parking permit and print a temporary parking permit for immediate use The Onboarding Center can also assists the employee in applying for a permanent parking permit through My Pack Portal.

When can I apply for an employee permit?

When you have your nine-digit campus ID number.

What are my options for applying for a permit?

  • New Employees may vist: MyPackPortal > Employee Self Service >Payroll and Compensation.
  • Current Employees may visit: MyParkingAccount >View My Parking Pass.

You will need your vehicle information make, model, and license plate number.

When will I receive my permit?

Parking permits are virtual, your license plate is your permit. When you complete your parking renewal you may begin to park in your assigned area.

Exceptions are: Mortorcycle (MC) and Electric Vehicle (EV). Permits are mailed to the employee's campus or home address (whichever address employee designates) within three - five business days.

Where will I park?

Employee parking is assigned based on your primary work location. Staff are usually assigned either a C or a deck parking permit. If parking is not available in areas near the work location, parking will be assigned in the closest available parking area. Employees desiring a "B" permit may also place their names on the "B" waitlist.

Cost? Annual cost depends on the permit type you purchase.

N.C. State Staff

Temporary and Part-Time Employee Parking

Temporary and part-time employees may purchase parking permits by the day, week or month. Parking assignments are based on space availability.

Please visit the Transportation office to register your vehicle and purchase an initial permit. Effective July 1, 2018 - Subsquent permits may be purchased online after in office registration.

I am driving a different vehicle. What now?

No worries, we have got you covered. If you are a full-time permanent employee and need to add a temporary vehicle to your account following the steps below:

  • Click: Here to access your parking account.
  • Choose NCSU Shibboleth login, log into your account and agree with terms of service
  • Choose “Vehicles” on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Choose “Temporary Replacement” for the vehicle you wish to replace.
  • Enter Plate #, State/Prov., Year and Make of the vehicle and click confirm.
  • Enter Replacement Date Range click confirm and click complete.
  • That’s it! Your temporary vehicle is now active.
  • Review "How to Avoid a Parking Ticket" on Manage My Parking page.

    Permit Choices and Costs

    Employee Parking Permit Cost Chart
    Permit Who's Eligible Annual Cost Monthly Cost
    AS Assigned Space $1356 $113
    B Permanent Employees Housed on North Campus & Departments $504 $42
    C Permanent Employees $369 $30.75
    CD Permanent Employees $369 $30.75
    M Motorcycle (FY 18-19: permit type is no longer add on to permit, must be purchased separately) $50 N/A
    U Universal F/S $504 $42
    R Retired Employees $75 N/A
    V Permanent & Temporary Employees $150 $12.50
    EV Electric Vehicle Charging Permit $120 $10
    CPE Employee Carpool Permit (2 or more people). Share the cost of a C permit. $369 $30.75
    VP Front Vanity License Plate $5 N/A

    Payment Options for New Permits

    If you apply thorough MyPackPortal:

    1. Credit card - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
    2. Monthly payroll deduction, if eligible.

    If you apply at the Transportation office:

    1. Employees may pay in full by:
      • Cash, check, money order.
      • Debit card.
      • Credit card - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

      Returned checks and bankcards will be charged a $25 service fee.

      Leaving Employment?
      Leaving or taking an absence from employment?

      Separating employees using payroll deduction must return their parking permit to the Transportation office prior to the end of the month to end payroll deduction, otherwise parking charges will continue to accrue.

      Leave of Absence Employees approved for medical leave or scholarly leave, may request to stop payment and suspend their parking privilege until they return to the University. Documentation of approved leave is required. These employees will be eligible to receive the same permit type when they return to the University and reinstate their payroll deducted parking fees. Employees who do not return their permits will be responsible for parking fees during their absence. Permit holders may not return or suspend payment during University holidays and academic break periods.

    Permit Renewal

    How often do I have to renew my permit?

    Employee parking permits must be renewed annually. (Beginning July 1) Permits are virtual, meaning your license plate is your permit. Exceptions are: EV and M permits. These permit types will remain physical and will be mailed to the address on file.

    What do I do if my work location changes?
    If the employee's work location changes, i.e., transfer to an area other than "C," the employee may contact the Transportation office and request to be placed on the "B" waitlist.

    How does License Plate Recognition affect me?

    Now that permits are virtual, your license plate is your permit. In order for the system to work equipment must scan your license plate. Front facing vanity plates for those who wish to back into parking spaces will be available at time of parking permit purchase. Plate will be available for pick-up approximately 2 weeks after purchase.

    What are my payment options?

    • MyPackPortal: If an employee is currently not paying for their permit via payroll deduction, the employee may choose the payroll deduction option and renew his/her permit using Employee Self Service.
    • Credit / Debit Card Online: You will need to provide the access code that is provided in your permit renewal assignment letter.
    • Check: Pay at the Transportation office. You will need to provide your Campus ID number or Transportation Account number located on the renewal assignment letter.

    Retired Employee Parking

    Retired employees have two options for parking, either utilizing paylots/payspaces or purchasing an annual permit.

    What do I do to retain my parking permit after retirement?

    • Submit a Permit Authorization Form for Retired Employees signed by the Department Head or representative.
    • Form authorizes the purchase of an "R" permit for an annual fee.
    • May renew online via credit card with access code from renewal assignment letter.

    Retired employees who receive compensation from the University are not eligible for an "R" permit.

    Employee Resources

    Explore the Carpool Program

    Two or more employees can share a ride.
    Save money and gain access to desirable parking locations.

    Explore and Apply

    Lost or Stolen Permit?

    You must report it to Transportation
    Call 919-515-3424.
    Details on replacement or recovery
    are on the FAQ page.

    Visit the FAQ page