Electric Charging Stations

NC State has Electric Charging Stations

NC State University welcomes employees and students using electric vehicles. We encourage their use to reduce campus air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We offer several charging stations across campus for your use. Please see the map below.

All stations require a chargepoint card or a ChargePoint Mobile App for your Smartphone. Chargepoint cards are also available from the NCSU Transportation Department.

Regulations on use: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., your vehicle must display a valid NC State parking permit for the specific vehicle charging parking area AND an EV permit (Electric Vehicle Charging Permit - $120 annually) to charge at NC State charging stations. Please pay close attention to signs posted at each charging station.

Limits: Four hour usage limit (posted). Vehicles must relocate after the time limit has passed.

Visitors: For EV access, visitors must purchase a daily parking permit at the Transporation office for $10 per day. Transporation is located at 2721 Sullivan Drive.

Electric Charging Stations

  • electric charging station with reserved sign Reserved for Electric Vehicles (EV Only)
  • This charging station made possible by U.S. Department of Clean Cities Award in partnership with NC State Transportation, and the Centennial Campus Development Office. Chargepoint Charging Equipment


Map & App

PlugShare is a free appfor Apple and Android, and desktop computer users that allows electric car drivers to find charging stations and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. You can visit PlugShare on the web to use desktop version.

Parking Lot with Wolfine Bus