Violation Appeal Process

Ticket on a vehicle

What is an appeal?

An appeal is a plea to a higher authority if you:

  • disagree with the reason for which you were given a ticket.
  • disagree with the decision from your initial dispute (first appeal); you therefore request an Appeal Board Hearing.

A ticket is a citation for a violation of parking rules. The words: "ticket", "violation" or "citation" refer to the paper notice that was placed on your vehicle.

How do I dispute a parking ticket?

If you feel you received a parking ticket in error, there is a process for you to appeal the ticket by completing and submitting an online appeal (dispute a ticket) form within 7 calendars days. You will need the following information:

  • Citation number
  • License tag number
  • License plate state
  • Supporting documentation (see form for details)

How do I request a hearing if I disagree with the decision?

Appeal denied? To request a hearing before the Board, the request must be filed within 7 calendars daysfrom the date of the initial appeal decision e-mail or letter. Citation amounts must be paid, in full, before requesting a Board Hearing.

File Board Hearing Request Online

Complete the online Board Hearing Request form. Check the box "Request a Board Hearing." Appellants will be notified of hearing date, time and location usually one week in advance. Attendance is encouraged, but is not mandatory. Appeals Board Hearing decisions are final.

Jury of Your Peers

The Appeals Board consists of students, faculty, and staff members. Transportation presents information, but does not vote on the outcome.

Student members are appointed by the Student Senate President. Faculty / Staff members of the Board are nominated by the Faculty Senate Chair and Staff Senate Chair. The nominees are reviewed and appointed by the NC State Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business.

Reasons Appeals May Be Denied

Seldom-Granted Initial Appeals

These situations are not considered to be valid reasons for appealing a parking ticket.

  • Lack of knowledge about parking regulations.
  • Overtime at meters - including parking at a broken meter.
  • Late to or from an appointment or class.
  • Dropping off an assignment or seeing an instructor.
  • Short-term parking - left hazard lights on.
  • Parking for just a "short time".
  • Unable to find a legally-marked parking space.
  • Parking in a reserved space without a valid permit for the reserved space.
  • Inoperable vehicle (car trouble) - failure to notify the Transportation office.

What cannot be appealed to the Hearing Board?

The following violations/citations cannot be presented to the Board:

Overtime Parking
Failure to Pay
No Permit Violation - if you have at least two prior citations and/or warnings for "No Permit."
Repeat Violations - cannot appeal any violation if you have received two previous citations and/or warning for same offense.
Parking in a Fire Lane - if you do not have documented evidence of an emergency situation, i.e., medical, life threatening.


Where do I find the basic campus parking policy?

Is there official University Transportation Policies or NC General Statues?