All About LPR & Virtual Permits
Coming July 1, 2018

Transportation is excited to introduce License Plate Recognition and Virtual Permitting to NC State beginning July 1, 2018. Please watch the short explainer video about License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Virtual permits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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License Plate Recognition (LPR) is an advanced parking technology that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. LPR increases parking efficiency on campus, provides convenience for the parking customer and greatly reduces the amount of paper and plastic waste produced.

When a vehicle parks on campus, the license plate is captured by cameras mounted on enforcement vehicles. LPR works similar to a supermarket scanner with your license plate functioning as the barcode. When read, the numbers of your plate are automatically referenced against the parking database to verify a valid permit and the proper parking privileges for the lot location. If the license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid virtual permit or the vehicle is parked in an inappropriate lot (Employee vs. Student), then the vehicle will be subject to a citation.

Individuals will register their vehicle plate information into the online parking system when purchasing their virtual permits. The LPR software then combines this information with the individual’s payment and generates a virtual permit linked to that vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Eliminates the need to display physical permits and the need to move permits from vehicle-to-vehicle.
  • No more forgetting your permit and having to return to your vehicle to display a permit.
  • No worries about lost or stolen permits because your license plate is your permit.
  • Eliminating permits falling from a rearview mirror or being displayed improperly.
  • The license plate information verifies that you are legally parked.
    Students may purchase virtual permits online. Employees may purchase virtual permits online or in the Transportation office. Visitors must visit the Transportation office to purchase permits. The following permit types will remain physical permits (stickers & hangtags): Trustee, Assigned Space (AS), Universal Department (UD), Loading Zones (LZ) and Motorcycle.
    Employees and visitors may visit the Transportation office to purchase a permit. Pay lots and pay-by-plate areas available here.
    All parking lot privileges remain the same and are based upon your virtual permit type (Employee, Student, Resident, etc.). Vehicles parked in areas on campus not associated with their virtual permit type will be subject to citation.
    Cameras mounted at gates will scan license plate to verify permissions. Campus ID cards will be activated as a back-up access method.
    It is imperative that your license plate and vehicle information is current and correct in order to avoid an unnecessary citation. Please visit your online parking account to update your information immediately after any change in license plate number for your vehicle has occurred. It is also important to delete all old or unused vehicle listings from your account.
    If you have a personalized plate with less than 7 characters, or if you have a special character within your plate (heart, star, etc.), please skip the special character when entering the number into the system and simply include the remaining characters on the plate.
    LPR must have a clear view of the license plates. In order to pull thru or back into a space the vehicle must have a front facing plate. Front facing vanity plates will be for sale from Transportation. .
    LPR has the ability to recognize new vehicles without state-issued license plates. If you have a new vehicle with a temporary paper license, add the temporary plate characters/numbers when registering your vehicle online. Once your DMV-issued license plates have arrived, you will be required to immediately update your information on your online parking account. Failure to add the new vehicle license plate information may result in an unnecessary citation.
    Your information can be viewed and updated via your online parking account. You will be asked to login with your NC State Unity ID and password.
    Individuals are allowed to register multiple vehicles under the same virtual permit, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at one time. LPR will recognize the first vehicle it scans as valid but any additional vehicle parked on campus within a 4 hour period will be cited.
    Individuals are allowed to add/remove vehicles on the parking accounts at any time, including loaner vehicles. You will have the option to add a start/end date to the use of the vehicle on your account..
    The LPR system has difficulty recognizing vehicles listed on multiple virtual permit accounts. To avoid being cited in error, we recommend only listing your vehicle on your own virtual permit. If the vehicle has a valid virtual permit, listing the vehicle on another account is not necessary. To register a second vehicle to your virtual permit temporarily, please visit your online parking account.
    All permits are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual to whom it is assigned. Permit privileges will be revoked for any individuals found sharing virtual permits or in violation of NC State Transportation Parking Regulations.