General Information
Staff Member Phone Number
NC State Transportation 919-515-3424
Permit Inquiries 919-515-3424
Enforcement Inquiries 919-515-2210
Wolfline Information Line 919-515-WOLF
Main Campus Visitor Information Center 919-515-3205
Transportation Fax 919-515-7650
Staff Member Role Phone Number
Catherine G. Reeve Director 919-515-1364
Rebecca Manning Assistant to the Director 919-513-2052
Yolanda Jones Communications Manager 919-515-1469


Parking Services
Staff Member Role Phone Number
David Gregory Asst. Director / Parking 919-515-1601
Chris Dobek Parking Services Manager 919-515-1603
Sharon King Customer Service Specialist 919-515-3424
Denise O'Neill Customer Service Specialist 919-515-3424
Carolyn Manuel Accessibility Parking Coordinator 919-515-8032
Cassandra Tucker - Daniels Customer Service Representative Lead 919-515-1611
Veronika Maynard-Simon Customer Service Representative 919-515-8029
Cecilia Dorado Customer Service Representative 919-513-7572
Stephanie Evans North Campus Visitor Booth Host 919-515-3205
Shannon Zucker Events Coordinator 919-515-1600
Debbie Beach Petitions Hearing Officer 919-515-3424


Parking Operations Unit
Staff Member Role Phone Number
Melissa Watkins Parking Operations Unit Manager 919-515-1604
Brenda Blackman Telecommunications Officer 919-515-2210


Planning and Operations
Staff Member Role Phone Number
Mike Kennon Asst. Director / Planning & Operations 919-515-1609
Sarah Williams Transportation Demand Manager/WolfTrails 919-515-1613
Darcy Downs Transportation Planner 919-515-1605
Byron Bryant Transit Manager 919-513-7400
Gary Bridges Facilities Maintenance Manager 919-515-1351
Dave Hammermann GIS Coordinator 919-513-7398


Computer Systems
Staff Member Role Phone Number
Ronnie Bowen Information Systems Manager 919-515-1150
Angie Walker Computer Applications Coordinator 919-515-1608
Bruce Davis Technology Support Technician 919-515-1110


Staff Member Role Phone Number
Holt Craven Asst. Director / Finance 919-515-3424
Susan Vance Cash Receipts Manager 919-513-2053
Lashawn Green Accounts Payable Manager 919-515-8028
Andrea McLendon Accounts Receivable Manager 919-515-1602
Ken Ingraham Data Management Coordinator 919-513-2740