N.C. State University Transportation
Employee Parking Permit Request/Authorization

Permit Policy for New Employees:

Permits may be issued to part-time and full-time EPA or SPA employees and Temporary employees. Individuals registered as a student at the University or working in a temporary, hourly position, such as graduate teaching assistants and research assistants are considered students. Please cooperate by not issuing authorization forms to students.

Please note: This form should be completed and signed by the employee's supervisor. The new employee should present this completed form at the Customer Service area, located in Administrative Services I on Sullivan Drive.


Employee Name:


9 Digit ID#:


Date Assignment Begins:


Date Assignment Ends:


Departmental Box #:


Telephone #:


Vehicle Type and License Plate/State:


The above named permanent employee is authorized to select payroll deduction.


* Temporary employees are not eligible for payroll deduction. Permits may be purchased on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Authorized Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ____________

Title: ___________________________________