Employee Permit Renewal
Academic Year 2017/18


This year, there is a new process for renewing your employee parking permit. It will require a few minutes of your time to update your contact and vehicle information and request a parking permit (and/or GoPass) for the upcoming year. Click to Renew Your Permit

Why is NCSU Transportation requesting this action?

Periodically, it's necessary to update our parking database to ensure our information is accurate. If we need to contact you in the event of an emergency, construction impact, etc., we need correct information so that we can quickly get in touch. With automatic permit renewal, we've found that not everyone wants or needs a permit, which can also result in audit issues when we send permits to individuals who no longer want or need a parking permit.

How long will my new permit be valid?

Some permits will be valid for one year and others for two years - depending on the payment method you choose at the time you order your permit. Payroll deducted permits are valid for two years. Permits paid in full by credit card are valid for one year.

When do I renew my permit?

A link will open on Transportation's website beginning June 20. In mid-June, look for a message from us in your campus email.

How do I request my permit?

Go to the direct link provided in the email and follow instructions on action you need to take to ensure you receive your new parking permit. As part of the renewal process, you will also be asked to provide your home mailing address; we'll mail your new permit to the mailing address you provide. You can also opt to pick up your permit at the Transportation Office after August 1, but please allow two business days for processing.

When will I receive my new permit?

The date you receive your new permit depends on when you order your permit. Please place your order at your earliest convenience after June 20. We anticipate mailing permits in mid-July.

When is my new permit valid?

Your new permit is valid as soon as you receive it, but must be displayed by July 1. This year, your permit should be adhered to your front, driver's side windshield. Why? New permits allowing gate access have an embedded chip to open gates. It reads better from the driver's side location.

Will I receive the same permit designation?

Yes, you will be assigned the same permit designation for 2017/18 Academic Year Permit. (Note that "C" and "CD," are standard employee permits). If you'd like to switch from your current permit to another of these designations, you'll be able to do so when you place your online order.

What if I'm only on campus part-time?

Employees who only need to access campus after 3 p.m. weekdays may purchase a late afternoon (non-peak) permit. This permit type is $66 per semester.

What about motorcycles and scooters?

Both require a motorcycle permit; $74 annual cost.

Do Electric vehicles require a special permit?

In addition to a valid NCSU parking permit, beginning Fall, 2016, electric vehicles will need an Electric Vehicle Charging permit to charge at NC State Electric Charging Stations. This permit costs $120 per year and can be payroll deducted.

Employee Carpools?

Two or more permanent employees may form a carpool; split the annual cost of $357 (price of a "C" permit) with options for payroll deduction. More information about employee carpool benefits.


Employees request their GoPass through the permit renewal link. Permanent employees have the option to pay monthly via payroll deduction or the annual fee by credit card.

Permit/GoPass Refunds?

Permits and GoPasses belong to NCSU Transportation. Permits or GoPasses purchased by credit card may be eligible for a prorated refund which is based on the date the permit or GoPass is returned to the Transportation Office. If you opt to payroll deduct your GoPass or permit, you are responsible for these costs until you return the permit or GoPass to our office or until the expiration date

Future plans for permit renewal?

Beginning June, 2017, we are changing the employee renewal period so that employee permits expire June 30 of their permit cycle. The intent is for employees to have their new permit before July 1. Why make this change? This change separates the employee renewal cycle from the student parking purchase dates so that we can more effectively focus on the needs of each group.

Employee Parking Permit Prices