FLGRK - For Lang - Greek

GRK 101Elementary Greek IUNITS: 3 - Offered in Fall Only
Introduction to Classical Greek. Greek alphabet, basic grammar and syntax. Readings based on Greek mythology, philosophy, and literature.

GRK 102Elementary Greek IIUNITS: 3 - Offered in Spring Only
Prerequisite: GRK 101
A second course in Classical Greek, continuing and expanding the work of GRK 101, and completing the study of grammar. Readings from major authors including Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon.

GRK 201Intermediate Greek IUNITS: 3 - Offered in Fall Only, Offered Alternate Odd Years
Prerequisite: GRK 102
Introduction to Greek prose. Emphasis upon improvement of reading skill through vocabulary acquisition and study of complex grammar. Introduction to Attic dialect through reading Plato, and Koine Greek through reading the New Testament. Examination of the importance of these works to Western literature and culture.

GRK 202Intermediate Greek IIUNITS: 3 - Offered in Spring Only, Global Knowledge
Prerequisite: GRK 201
Reading in Homer's Iliad and the New Testament. Techniques of oral poetry. Study of the use of myth, and of the literary and historical significance of the Iliad. Analysis of differences between classical and Koine Greek in the New Testament.

GRK 399Directed Readings in GreekUNITS: 3
Prerequisite:GRK 202
Advanced Greek language course introducing students to research methods in classical studies. Readings may include Plato, Homer, Sophocles, New Testament, or others. May be taken up to two times with different readings for credit.