North Carolina State University
SACS Compliance Certification
August 15, 2003

Comprehensive Standards: Resources 3.10.5 (control of sponsored programs)
The institution maintains financial control over externally funded or sponsored research and programs.

North Carolina State University is in compliance with this standard.

NC State University has multiple methods of ensuring that control is maintained over externally funded or sponsored research programs.  The Office of Contracts and Grants—along with similar collegiate offices—monitors compliance and maintains financial control over externally funded or sponsored research and programs. 

To ensure compliance, the Office of Contracts and Grants posts online information and provides workshops for principal investigators.  Information on the proper handling of contracts and grants is available on the Contracts and Grants website.  Regularly scheduled training sessions also provide instruction on the rules and regulations involved in handling contracts and grants. 

Moreover, principal investigators may access online financial information about their research projects in a format tailored for the non-accountant.  Access to the system requires only the Principal Investigator’s unity ID and password.

Federal, state, and internal auditors audit the sponsored program activities.  The most recent state audit and audit letter confirm the efficacy of the university’s oversight of externally funded and sponsored research programs, indicating no audit findings for the university. 

The Internal Audit Division also conducts audits of departments and colleges, which include auditing of sponsored programs.   A copy of the sponsored programs audit program used by the Internal Audit Department is available online. 


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