North Carolina State University
SACS Compliance Certification
August 15, 2003

Comprehensive Standards: Educational Programs 3.7.4 (academic freedom)
The institution ensures adequate procedures for the safeguard and protection of academic freedom.

North Carolina State University is in compliance with this standard.                                                                                  

NC State University incorporates as part of its Academic Tenure Policy the principles of freedom and responsibility in the university community as set forth in section 600 of The Code for The University of North Carolina.

The Code states that the University of North Carolina is dedicated to transmitting and advancing knowledge and understanding and considers academic freedom essential to these purposes.   

  • The University, therefore, supports and encourages freedom of inquiry for faculty members and students, to the end that they may responsibly pursue these goals through teaching, learning, research, discussion, and publication, free from internal or external restraints that would unreasonably restrict their academic endeavors.
  • The University and each constituent institution shall protect faculty and students in their responsible exercise of the freedom to teach, to learn, and otherwise to seek and speak the truth.
  • Faculty and students of the University of North Carolina shall share in the responsibility for maintaining an environment in which academic freedom flourishes and in which the rights of each member of the academic community are respected. 

The Academic Tenure Policy of NC State also incorporates the principles set forth in section 601 of the Code, encouraging full freedom, under the law, of inquiry, discourse, teaching, research, and publication for all members of the academic staffs of the constituent institutions.  Further, the university shall not penalize faculty members because of their exercise of academic freedom in lawful pursuit of scholarly and professional interest and responsibility.

Section 602 of The Code further states that to promote and protect academic freedom, the Board of Trustees at each constituent institution must adopt policies and regulations governing academic tenure.  Tenure and promotion policies adopted by the Board of Trustees go into effect upon review by the senior vice president for academic affairs and the vice president and general counsel, and approval by the president of the UNC system.


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