North Carolina State University
SACS Compliance Certification
August 15, 2003

Comprehensive Standards: Institutional Mission, Governance, and Effectiveness 3.2.10 (administrator evaluation)
The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators, including the chief executive officer, on a periodic basis.

North Carolina State University is in compliance with this standard.

All administrators—from the chancellor to department heads—are evaluated annually at NC State University.  Specific policies governing the evaluation of the chancellor, provost, deans and departments heads are indicated as follows.     

The evaluation of the university’s chief executive officer—the chancellor—is governed by the Administrative Manual of The University of North Carolina: Assessment Process for the Chief Executives and Governing Boards of the University of North Carolina (Section 200.4).  The evaluation of subordinate administrators is guided by NC State University policy.  Information about the evaluation of the chancellor is presented in Comprehensive Standards: Institutional Mission, Governance, and Effectiveness #2.   

Guidelines for review of the provost mandate that the university conduct annual reviews of its provost, with an especially comprehensive review every 5 years.  Faculty are involved in these reviews.

Each year, the vice chancellors and vice provosts are evaluated by the chancellor and provost, respectively.  Before the evaluations, each vice chancellor and vice provost submits a summary of accomplishments that serves as the basis for the review.  Following the review, a summary letter is placed in the employment files of each vice chancellor and vice provost. 

The evaluation of the deans of NC State University’s colleges is described in Periodic Review and Evaluation of College Leadership and Programs.  This regulation requires evaluations of each dean every 5 years.

Deans are also charged under Periodic Review and Evaluation of Departmental Programs and Leadership with evaluating the performance of department heads every 5 years.


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