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Defining Assessment at NC State University
Gives an overview of how assessment is defined at NC State.

Guiding Principles for Assessment at NC State University

Outcomes Assessment Processes at NC State University
Examples of outcomes assessment at all levels, including detailed links to undergraduate, graduate, administration, and student affairs. Quick links to the homepage for assessment at NC State are below; more details can be found on the Outcomes Assessment Processes page.

Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment (LITRE)
University-wide initiative and the theme of NC State University's quality enhancement plan. The home page for LITRE is the major resource for information about this program. Assessment of LITRE projects can be found on this homepage.

Outcomes assessment of Undergraduate Programs includes Undergraduate Academic Program Review , assessing general education, and undergraduate academic support programs.

Graduate Program Assessment includes on-going assessment and periodic formal review.

Student Affairs Research & Assessment provides support to all units within the Division of Student Affairs as they seek to assess learning and evaluate effectiveness of their services.

Administrative, support, and management units conduct assessment as part of their ongoing processes.

NC State Survey Research Program has results and information from and about campus-wide surveys of students and alumni.


Assessment Professionals at NC State University
Contact list of staff resources available at NC State to assist you in areas relating to assessment.

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
Annotated links to a wide range of resources all related to assessment in higher education. This website gives a wide range of information including general resources (discussion groups, lists of links, archives of articles, etc.), campuses' assessment "handbooks," links on assessment of specific skills and content, individual campuses' assessment websites, and information from acrediting bodies. This website has gained world recognition and is considered a major resource in the field of assessment.

Best Practices
Exemplars from NC State University and other institutions of specific assessment process, by discipline and by context.

Assessing The Impact of Technology-Enriched Spaces on Student Learning
Provides information designed to facilitate understanding of assessment methods, processes, strategies, and tools appropriate in assessment of technology and student learning.

Reports & Presentations
Presentations and papers by UPA staff about assessment and assessment projects.

Special Projects
Special assessment projects by UPA staff.

University Planning & Analysis
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