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Fall Final Admission Report for Undergraduate and Graduate Students by College

The final fall admission reports for NC State University show undergraduate and graduate applied, admitted and enrolled data by college and for the University. Information is reported for all students and for black students. This data represents the end of the fall admission cycle. Beginning with 1998 the information represents both on-campus and distance education new students. The tables for 1998 forward have a consistent style with the University totals first and then the college information. Bachelor degree-seeking undergraduates are in one table and associate degree-seeking undergraduates (Ag Institute) are in a separate table. For the years 1993-1997 the university totals are at the bottom of each section.


Applied - Represents all students who submitted applications for the summer or fall semester of the given year.
Admitted - Students who were admitted to the university for summer or fall of the given year.
Enrolled - Students who enrolled in summer or fall of the given year.
FR - A student who enrolled at NC State for the first time and did not transfer from another University
TR - Transfer undergraduate to NC State
Ag Institute - Two year degree program offered in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
MR - Masters degree-seeking student
DR - Doctoral degree-seeking student
DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree-seeking student
CVM - College of Veterinary Medicine

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